Asian Meals, Sos Nenas Masam Manis, Pre-Mixed Pinapple Sauce, 200g


The sweet-sour meshing of flavours found in many Thai and Chinese dishes are a delightful favourite, teasing the palate with sweetness and tanginess at the same time. It is all about getting the balance right.

When you don’t have the energy to fiddle with balancing sweet and sour, Asian Meals Pre-Mixed Pineapple Sauce makes it so easy for you. Just stir fry your choice of meat with the sauce, add accompanying vegetables like bell peppers and throw in some pineapple pieces and viola, a delicious well-balanced dish.

Great for days when everyone’s home and impatient for a home-cooked meal.

Each box comes in 2 x 100g sachets.

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Ingredients : Sugar, pineapple puree, natural vinegar, water, salt, modified corn starch, chilli, xanthan gum.

Gluten Free.

No MSG. No preservatives. Non-GMO. No Trans Fat.

Suitable for vegetarians.

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Weight 200 g

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