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World Autism Awareness Day Singapore

World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD), observed on April 2, was adopted by the United Nations in 2007 to shine a bright light on autism as a growing global health priority.

Towards Acceptance And Inclusion

In Singapore, the campaign seeks to raise our community’s understanding and acceptance of persons living with autism, celebrate who they are and rally support for them and their families as they work through their unique challenges.

Every year around April, activities are organised to showcase the abilities of persons with autism, equip medical and healthcare professionals and parents and caregivers, and engage the community.

Shining A Bright Light

LIUB-VERTBack in 2011, a group of students from Sheares College, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, first shine the light on autism through the “Light It Up Blue” campaign, a uniquely global initiative by Autism Speaks, a US-based advocacy group for autism. Thousands of iconic landmarks, skyscrapers, schools, businesses and homes across the globe unite by shining bright blue lights in honor of the millions of individuals and families affected by autism.

By lighting up in blue, we shine the light on our own challenges for others to see. We stand together with the many individuals and their families worldwide who are misunderstood and looking for help.

We want to inspire compassion, inclusion and hope.

Dietary Intervention

One form of help that can be found is in the form of dietary intervention. Individuals or families may make the decision to go gluten-free and casein-free to reduce symptoms and improve social and cognitive behaviors and speech. Although the internet has plenty of information, it is not the same as having first-hand experience and knowledge of being gluten-free and casein-free, especially here in Singapore.

More about this month Specials for gluten-free foods here.

Nourish Hope For Autism

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