Honour Our Mothers

Glee Pantry

It’s the month of May! Are you thinking Mother’s Day? Yes, and so are we.

Mother’s Day may be celebrated on different days throughout the world, but no matter where in the world you celebrate Mother’s Day, we all honour our mothers with our sincerest sentiments of love and gratitude.

The love of a mother is deep and limitless. I stand in awe of my mother’s love. Let’s slow down for awhile, ponder and reflect on the boundless love shown to us by our mothers. Here I share with you, an old Irish verse that I chanced upon on the web, which struck a chord with me.

An Old Irish Verse On The Love Of A Mother

One way to show love is through acts of service. This means doing something for mum that you know she would like for you to do. Cooking a meal, washing dishes, taking out the garbage, helping to change the baby’s diaper and tidying up your own space, are just some examples.

What better way then to surprise mum with breakfast in bed? Check out the following simple recipes for breakfast ideas you can prepare as a family.

Eggs Benedict on Gluten Free Toast

Cumin and Coriander Gluten Free Ciabatta Slices

Gluten Free French Toast Sticks

Banana and Walnuts on Gluten Free Toast

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