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Pasta in tomato sauceGlee Pantry is an online store set-up by the founders of Glee Kitchen, a 100% gluten free restaurant that served up wholesome and hearty meals. The restaurant is on hiatus at the moment though we continue to serve the gluten free community through our online store.

You can purchase items, just as you would from any online store. We have a modest selection of quality gluten free products on stock for purchase online.

Be a part of the community by making your first purchase. You get to pre-order common items, buy them at discounted prices and enjoy special rates for delivery.

You may also recommend your favourite food items for pre-order as well. By consolidating the orders from our members, we are able to source and purchase the items in bulk. That way, we get to enjoy savings that we otherwise would not have received if we were to have bought as individuals.

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We get to enjoy greater savings.

wholesalerWhen we pool our orders together, we can buy in bulk and buy direct from wholesalers or suppliers. Gluten free products already cost more than regular products. So when we buy together as a community, we enjoy savings on our grocery bill with lower prices on items that we need.

We get to buy specific products that are hard to find.

supermarketSometimes, we go from store to store trying to find something specific that we need, eventually to be told that it sold out. If there is a specific range of items that we would like to get, pooling our orders together could avoid us a bit of
heartache. More importantly, we have a little more certainty in getting hard to find items and share the costs of delivery, especially if they are only available from overseas markets.

We get to benefit our community as a whole.

communityWhen we buy together, we meet up with friends and make new friends. We can share how we each cope in our special ways with our dietary challenges. We can swap recipe ideas, too! You are certainly not alone. This can be a way to reach out to people you might otherwise not come across.

Simply put – coming together as a community means that we can find more convenient ways to get what we need, share the costs and enjoy the friendship.


  1. Peter Ochman
    9 February 2017 at 12:49 pm

    I see the Schar Gluten Free Pizza Base is on special but it has been out of stock for a while now. How/when can I order this?

  2. Irene Yeo
    3 January 2016 at 2:49 pm

    Hi, for the Ladang Lima cassava flour, May I know the expiry date? Is this suitable for pineapple tarts pls? Thanks

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